Growers of drought-tolerant plants and coastal natives since 1984

We have now closed our nursery in the town of Tomales. The Mostly Natives sign is moving south to 54 B Street in Point Reyes Station where Darlene will create her own adventure with natives and non. We wish her the best of luck and are sure that all the people south of us will be happy to have a nursery with natives closer to them. Keep your eyes on the website for further news from her. To those of you to our north you can't go wrong with California Flora Nursery in Fulton - just north of Santa Rosa.

Thank you everyone for making our 33 years in business such a rewarding experience. You have inspired us to grow more natives and grasses from local seeds and encouraged our exploration for good pollinator plants for all the insects. We're looking forward to actually having time to just stop and watch all of the activity that happens in a diverse and slightly wild garden that attracts so many interesting creatures.